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An update on the beta 3.3

After Twitch

SRX is back after a few months due to the drastic changes we implemented following the Twitch campaign to improve the user experience.

The beta 3.3, the new update of the game targets the tryharders by offering general improvements. We also increased the difficulty of the tracks, made some changes and finally, fixes.

Here are the main points: 

The multiplayer and exploration mode are cancelled

We decided to end the multiplayer and exploration modes because when going on a server, players could not choose on which track they wanted to perform their records. However, the final farewells are not yet pronounced, they could come back and appear in new forms…

Easy access to the leaderboard

You no longer need to be connected to a multiplayer server to see your score in the leaderboard! 

 It is now displayed when choosing your vehicle and at the end of the race. You will be able to switch between world and friends ranking. 

Moreover, the ghost of the player that is standing in front of you in the world ranking is now displayed during your race.

A visual icon of the vehicle used for each record is directly shown on the leaderboard, which can be useful to improve your performance.

New tutorial and UI/UX improvements

We invite you to explore the new version of the tutorial which contains more precise explanations of the game moves. 

The tutorial now takes place on “City”. All the controls are displayed on your left and all the necessary steps to complete the tutorial are detailed in order for you to master the game.

It is no longer possible to change the skin of the vehicle but a direct access to the leaderboard has been added from there. 

The main menu design has been simplified and the time trial menu has been improved.

New circuits are now added in the episode “Initiation”, an episode available for free on the demo available on by clicking on this link:

A new update highlighting a new episode is on the way!

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A big thanks to Emeryd Angaman who set up the structure and content of this article

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