List of version features

  • All multiplayer modes have been deactivated until further notice. The main mode, Time Trial, now allows players to register their score without connecting to a server. The leaderboard of each track are highlighted and can be displayed in many areas.
  • Due to working progress with the new leaderboard system, global ranking is disabled until the next update.
  • Visualize top ranked of friend players simply and directly inside the game. To each leaderboard entry is linked the vehicle used by the player and the ghost of the player ahead of you will be displayed when racing.
  • The main menu has been entirely redone, all menus and game modes are gathered and accessible from a single panel.
  • UI elements have been reviewed in all screens, becoming more effective and homogeneous.


  • [UX] The ghost of the player ahead of you in the leaderboard is displayed during the race
  • [UI] Button to access leaderboards from the Pause menu
  • [UI] Current track leaderboard displayed in the vehicle selection menu
  • [UI] Current track leaderboard displayed at the end of a race
  • [UI] Putting forward tracks that have not been played yet
  • [UI] The player can now choose which controller he wants to use by changing it in a list inside the “Controls” tab of the Options menu
  • [UI] Change view button displayed at the bottom left of the screen
  • [Performance] Occlusion culling added to the environments, boosting FPS, particularly on city


  • [Vehicles] All vehicle colliders have been reviewed
  • [UX-Vehicles] Vehicle colldiers are now precisly taken into account when validating checkpoints
  • [UX] The default visual quality is now “High”
  • [UX] Blurred background in the vehicle selection menu
  • [UX] All medal ghosts are now displayed except the author one, displayed when the gold medal has been beaten
  • [UX] MSAA deactivated by default for all graphics profiles
  • [UX] City spawn location moved in free mode
  • [UX] The tutorial is now on city and all actions are displayed from the beginning
  • [Environments] New characters added in the city environment
  • [Environments] The snow hut interior inside Adventure has been redone
  • [UI] The end of race menu has been redone
  • [UI] The vehicle selection menu has been slightly changed
  • [UI] Gradients in vehicle selection menu changed
  • [UI] UI elements when racing have been moved
  • [UI] Changed initiation episode icon
  • [UI] Texts displaying “beta” have been replaced with “early access”
  • [UI] Condition to unlock a track are now more clearly displayed
  • [UI] The number of medals possessed by the player is now directly displayed below the track list
  • [UI] The transition animations when changing episodes un Time Trial have been reviewed
  • [UI] Changed the lap indicator image at the bottom right during a race
  • [UI] The loading screen has been slightly modified
  • [UI] Buttons to access inventory have been removed
  • [Graphics] Shadow distance have been changed for all graphics profiles


  • [Tracks] The number of medals needed to unlock Train Station has been changed
  • [Tracks] The number of medals needed to unlock Saloon 2 has been changed
  • [Tracks] The number of medals needed to unlock Saloon 3 has been changed
  • [Tracks] The track to unlock Around The Block was not set properly
  • [Environments] Some city objects and colliders have been reviewed
  • [UI] A medal was sometimes displayed next to the current time even if the track had never been finished
  • [UI] Coming back to the main menu after a misc track now goes to the correct category
  • [UI] Unlock track condition “Finish track X” was not translated
  • [Steam] The achievement when finishing the tutorial was not given
  • [UX] The track guide was sometimes visible when the option was deactivated
  • [Dev] Unity updated to latest 2020 LTS version
  • [UX] The PS5 DualSense controller is now recognized
  • [UX] New option to vertically shift the vehicle position from the center of the screen
  • [UX] Vehicles closed to the player are now transparent
  • [UX] A particle effect accentuates the vehicle speed
  • [Sound] New music for Adventure environment


  • [UI] The Solo end of race screen has been reviewed
  • [UI-Multi] The Multi end of race screen has been reviewed and automatically shows the scoreboard
  • [Sound] The main mudtown music has been remixed
  • [Sound] The main adventure music has been remixed and is longer


  • [UI] Select another menu when the Control Mapper is open now works correctly
  • [UI] The checkpoint texts were misplaced
  • [Dev-Multi] Bug fix that was causing server crash
  • [Dev] Inputs bug fixes
  • [Dev] Texts bug fixes
  • [Tracks] Three new tracks have been added to the Initiation episode
  • [Sound] Original track for Mudtown environment
  • [Sound] Original track for Adventure


  • [Tracks] Traffic Discovery is now much shorter
  • [Tracks] All medals needed to unlock tracks have been reviewed
  • [Tracks] Some author medals are harder than before
  • [Tracks] Changed some tracks difficulty
  • [UI] All fonts have been reviewed
  • [UI] Go! text fades away quicker
  • [Dev-Mutli] Custom map pool per server
  • [Dev-Multi] Servers are now reset every day around 5am
  • [Dev-Multi] We are now using a new Steamworks API and have updated all the code. This will allow us to provide more Steam features with better stability in the near future
  • [Dev] New tools to record medal ghosts
  • [Graphics] Track guide now fades in according to camera position
  • [Graphics] Track guide does not receive shadows anymore
  • [Gameplay-Multi] Camera is now much more stable when packets get drop
  • [UX] Mouse is now confined when flying to avoid Mouse players with multiple screens to go outside the main one
  • [Gameplay-Multi] Changing vehicle in Exploration mode now respawns the player at the same place
  • [UI-Multi] Delta Times are now showing when changing vehicle online
  • [UI-Multi] Timer animation and colors when time left is short
  • [Sound-Multi] Timer alert when time left is short
  • [UI] New actions displayed at the bottom left
  • [UI] RollToYaw factor is now accessible in Vehicle Selection Menu
  • [UI] The pop-up design has been enhanced
  • [Gameplay] Enhanced camera collisions when player has objects above him


  • [UX-Multi] Steam avatar and pseudos are now correctly displayed even when changing them mid-game
  • [Sound-Multi] Sound is not glitched anymore when receiving network corrections
  • [UX] Friends server list is now working correctly
  • [Environments] Multiple holes and misplaced objects in Adventure have been fixed
  • [Environments] Multiple holes and misplaced objects in Mudtown have been fixed
  • [Tracks] A Checkpoint was facing the wrong way in mudtown_streetlife
  • [UI] Timer text was slightly moving when containing ‘1’ character
  • [UI-Multi] Medal times were displayed on top of time left online
  • [UI-Multi] Exploration scoreboard was showing track-related columns
  • [UI] The correct image is displayed in the loading screen when joining an Exploration server
  • [UI] Wrong text was showing when first entering the game
  • [UX-Multi] Server errors do not impact performance anymore
  • [Vehicles] It is now possible to buy the Rotatobot Beeware in the Steam shop
  • [Sound-Multi] Horn is now correctly synchronized
  • [Dev] Internal fixes


  • 4 vehicle profiles
  • 1 initiation episode (3 tracks)
  • 2 main episodes (10 tracks)
  • 1 bonus episode (2 tracks)
  • 3 environments


  • User settings saved (gameplay, audio, video, controls, camera, interface)
  • 2 languages (English and French)
  • Solo campaign
  • Online server list
  • World leaderboard per track
  • Global world leaderboard


  • Solo Time Trial
  • Online Time Trial
  • Solo Free Play (whitout any goal of time limit)
  • Online Exploration (treasure hunt)

As the game was completely redesigned, msot of the old versions elements are obsolete. Therefore, we prefer to reset the changelog from beta 3.0.

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