List of version features

  • [UX] The PS5 DualSense controller is now recognized
  • [UX] New option to vertically shift the vehicle position from the center of the screen
  • [UX] Vehicles closed to the player are now transparent
  • [UX] A particle effect accentuates the vehicle speed
  • [Sound] New music for Adventure environment


  • [UI] The Solo end of race screen has been reviewed
  • [UI-Multi] The Multi end of race screen has been reviewed and automatically shows the scoreboard
  • [Sound] The main mudtown music has been remixed
  • [Sound] The main adventure music has been remixed and is longer


  • [UI] Select another menu when the Control Mapper is open now works correctly
  • [UI] The checkpoint texts were misplaced
  • [Dev-Multi] Bug fix that was causing server crash
  • [Dev] Inputs bug fixes
  • [Dev] Texts bug fixes
  • [Tracks] Three new tracks have been added to the Initiation episode
  • [Sound] Original track for Mudtown environment
  • [Sound] Original track for Adventure


  • [Tracks] Traffic Discovery is now much shorter
  • [Tracks] All medals needed to unlock tracks have been reviewed
  • [Tracks] Some author medals are harder than before
  • [Tracks] Changed some tracks difficulty
  • [UI] All fonts have been reviewed
  • [UI] Go! text fades away quicker
  • [Dev-Mutli] Custom map pool per server
  • [Dev-Multi] Servers are now reset every day around 5am
  • [Dev-Multi] We are now using a new Steamworks API and have updated all the code. This will allow us to provide more Steam features with better stability in the near future
  • [Dev] New tools to record medal ghosts
  • [Graphics] Track guide now fades in according to camera position
  • [Graphics] Track guide does not receive shadows anymore
  • [Gameplay-Multi] Camera is now much more stable when packets get drop
  • [UX] Mouse is now confined when flying to avoid Mouse players with multiple screens to go outside the main one
  • [Gameplay-Multi] Changing vehicle in Exploration mode now respawns the player at the same place
  • [UI-Multi] Delta Times are now showing when changing vehicle online
  • [UI-Multi] Timer animation and colors when time left is short
  • [Sound-Multi] Timer alert when time left is short
  • [UI] New actions displayed at the bottom left
  • [UI] RollToYaw factor is now accessible in Vehicle Selection Menu
  • [UI] The pop-up design has been enhanced
  • [Gameplay] Enhanced camera collisions when player has objects above him


  • [UX-Multi] Steam avatar and pseudos are now correctly displayed even when changing them mid-game
  • [Sound-Multi] Sound is not glitched anymore when receiving network corrections
  • [UX] Friends server list is now working correctly
  • [Environments] Multiple holes and misplaced objects in Adventure have been fixed
  • [Environments] Multiple holes and misplaced objects in Mudtown have been fixed
  • [Tracks] A Checkpoint was facing the wrong way in mudtown_streetlife
  • [UI] Timer text was slightly moving when containing ‘1’ character
  • [UI-Multi] Medal times were displayed on top of time left online
  • [UI-Multi] Exploration scoreboard was showing track-related columns
  • [UI] The correct image is displayed in the loading screen when joining an Exploration server
  • [UI] Wrong text was showing when first entering the game
  • [UX-Multi] Server errors do not impact performance anymore
  • [Vehicles] It is now possible to buy the Rotatobot Beeware in the Steam shop
  • [Sound-Multi] Horn is now correctly synchronized
  • [Dev] Internal fixes


  • 4 vehicle profiles
  • 1 initiation episode (3 tracks)
  • 2 main episodes (10 tracks)
  • 1 bonus episode (2 tracks)
  • 3 environments


  • User settings saved (gameplay, audio, video, controls, camera, interface)
  • 2 languages (English and French)
  • Solo campaign
  • Online server list
  • World leaderboard per track
  • Global world leaderboard


  • Solo Time Trial
  • Online Time Trial
  • Solo Free Play (whitout any goal of time limit)
  • Online Exploration (treasure hunt)

As the game was completely redesigned, msot of the old versions elements are obsolete. Therefore, we prefer to reset the changelog from beta 3.0.

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